Free Workshop

Presented by Barbara Decker, CFRS 
(Certified Family Recovery Specialist)

& Mom of a son now in long-term recovery

"Encourage Your Child's Recovery and Reclaim Your Own Life With My Ground-Breaking 'Love Another Way' Approach"

(even when books and support groups haven't worked).

The 'Love Another Way' Framework is different from support groups
or individual therapy because:

  • you automatically respond to chaotic situations differently
  • you never have to go it alone again in isolation
  • every Mom can use this Framework
  • you follow an actual step-by-step doable action plan to actually apply in your own life.


“A breath of fresh air without reinventing what addiction really is. Having a different, yet familiar perspective, gives a new light!"


“This is the real gimmicks or false information. Beautiful, empowering! and most importantly....Hope has been restored !!"

Donna Stroup

"This is such a powerful and comprehensive program. It has given me my life back!"

Cathy Fischer

“Barbara’s boundary program is a life-saving approach. There will be no regrets only relief."

Kelly Stickrod

“If I could give more stars I would, This program has “saved me” as a parent addict. If you're not here you are missing out. A++++ rating from me."

JoAnn Goostree

"My son suffers from mental illness and drug addiction. This was the best thing I could have ever done for myself and for my relationship with my son."

Karen Batycki Smith

“Barbara’s program gave me a new perspective. I now feel empowered to lead my son to choose recovery for himself"

Mary Gwost-Spaulding

“Barbara Decker’s program gave me insight, knowledge, and strength. I have learned how to change my thinking and my behavior, which changes the dynamic between me and my adult child."


"I can't tell you how Barbara has exceeded my expectations. Having other moms who understand what I'm going through is priceless."


“This is a different way of learning - much needed. This information brought forward from Barbara is priceless"

Here's How It Works:

  1. This confidential training is hosted virtually
  2. You select an upcoming date and time that works for you
  3. After registering, you'll receive the training information by e-mail, I can even send you a text message reminder before it start (optional, but recommended)
  4. From one mother to another: please give yourself time to watch this fully, I know that your peace of mind depends on it.

NOTE: Your name will NOT be visible to other parents on the webinar, and I NEVER share anyone's information.

By: Barbara Decker, Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS)