For Moms Who Have "Tried Everything" And Are Ready to Give Up Hope...

A Modern Solution Designed By a Real Mom Specifically for Other Moms Whose Children are Struggling with Addiction…

Using My Love Another Way (™) Framework

Break Free of the "Mom Code" So You Can Make a Real Difference For Your Child

("Mom Code": making decisions based on your natural parental instincts) 

In what feels like a powerless situation, you do everything in your power to help your child. AND I need you to know that parenting an addict is just plain different from what we’ve learned our whole lives.

You have always made decisions via the "Mom Code." Of course you have! We all follow this natural instinct. You protect your child. You offer your unconditional love and support. Especially now, during addiction and maybe also mental illness.

Addiction is here now in your world! This fact changes EVERYTHING.

Making decisions based on the "Mom Code" leads to more heartbreak and frustration. It often leads to more enabling — though it is hard to accept that this could be true.

And doing anything else seems impossible. It hurts to go against your natural instincts. This is why the ‘tough love’ approach doesn’t work for most people.

Which One Sounds the Most Like You?

  • “I’m exhausted and disheartened that every approach I have tried has led to so little progress.”
  • “I second guess every decision I make and every conversation I have with my child. I never know if I am doing or saying the right thing.”
  • “I want to free myself of the guilt that I’m the cause of my child’s addiction.”
  • “I just want to go back to the good ‘ol days when I didn’t have to worry about my child’s health and safety.”
  • “I’m desperate to help my child overcome his/her addiction. My offers usually get ignored, twisted, or rebuffed. What else can I do?”
  • “When my child has a bad day, I get knocked down and swallowed up in stress and anxiety.”
  • “I’ve done the research, read the books, and tried to set boundaries, and I still can’t get through to my child.”

Have you been carrying the weight of
your adult child’s addiction for a while now?

Have you already discovered that, even with the best intentions, you just aren’t able to “fix” your child?

I’m here to tell you:
You are not alone.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS. You can still communicate your love and support for your child. You can do this while protecting your well-being. You can do this in a way that improves your child’s chance of recovering.

You can learn to Love Another Way(™).

Built on my own Love Another Way(™) Framework.

And ONLY available right here.

Loving Another Way helps you move out of the instinctual "Mom Code", by shifting the dynamic of your relationship with your child, as you move into a new parenting approach.

This new approach guarantees a better quality of life for you. And this new approach is what gives you the best chance possible of improving your child’s quality of life.

This is the only available step-by-step actual strategy for Moms. 


The Transformative Boundaries Experience

The most effective way to give your child opportunities for recovery
while you regain peace in your home and your heart.

For moms of adult addicts:
Are you ready to conquer the self-doubt, guilt, and worry?
Are you ready to transform this into strength and hope for your child?

You can develop the very specific skills you need to Love Another Way. The Transformative Boundaries Experience is built to do exactly that. You practice using your new skills of love, strength, and consistency in the proper way. Doing this is what actually allows opportunities for your child to choose recovery.



What if you knew how to respond in the moment of chaos, uncertainty, or pain, in a way that protects your well-being?

What if you could set truly Transformative Boundaries? What if you could actually communicate them to your addicted child? And what if you could do this all in a way that shows your unwavering love and support?

What if you had the right kind of support? What if you weren’t relying solely on that "Mom Code" parenting instinct? What if the people you talk with really understood what you are going through? 

What if you didn’t always feel so desperate and helpless about what to do NOW?

I’ve created this special program to meet these exact needs for other moms!

To help you finally conquer years of self-doubt and worry. And to do that while actually giving your child opportunities to choose recovery.

Here's How to Know If The Transformative Boundaries Experience is a Perfect Fit For You.

You are a solution-oriented mom:

  • Longing to stop the painful overwhelm and welcome more peace and control into your life.
  • Open to radical new ideas.
  • Eager to build a healthier, more supportive relationship with your child.
  • Ready to roll up your sleeves and take action with a plan that guides your every step.

If that’s you, I’m so glad you found your way here.

Because this is different from anything else you’ve tried.
This just plain works!

(Because it is crafted exactly for Moms like you.)


Works for...

  • Every Mom who has ever worked through the program!
  • Moms with kids in active addiction
  • Moms with kids in active recovery
  • Whether it's addiction or mental illnes
  • Moms with kids living at home
  • Moms with kids living across the country or points unknown
  • Moms who have therapists and those that don't
  • Moms who go to support groups already and those that don't
  • Moms whose kids ultimately succumb to this illness

Every MOM who has ever worked it!

The Transformative Boundaries Experience is an 8-week, intimate group journey. It is designed specifically for women who are ready to reclaim their own well-being. It is for women eager to support their adult children in a new way. It is for women seeking peace, confidence and something that finally works.

Your Experience starts the moment you step inside
The Transformative Boundaries Experience. You feel safe, heard, and appreciated. Confusion and frustration begin to subside.

Hope renews. 

Karen Smith


Over the course of 8 weeks you discover how to:

  • Set caring and effective boundaries for your child without guilt,
  • Confidently handle each challenge that arises, and
  • Free yourself from the pain, anxiety, and overwhelm caused by your child's situation.

When you worry all the time about your child’s welfare, there is no time left for you.

… Imagine being free of your constant worry about your child. Imagine not having to second-guess yourself everyday. Imagine not thinking ALL the time about whether your choice will help or harm your child.

… Imagine just being able to sleep through the night.

… Imagine that you DO have some power left. Imagine you can use that power to make a positive change in your own life. Imagine that doing so actually encourages your child to make healthier choices.

That's all possible when you follow this simple program — even when ~ especially when ~ the chaos of addiction is erupting all around you.

Kathie C



Over the course of 8 weeks you discover how to:

  • Build a calmer mindset so you can experience more peace and happiness in your life.
  • Strengthen your confidence ― “I’m doing the right thing for me and my child!”
  • Remain grounded as challenges arise. You use your new skills and this unique step-by-step decision making process.


Ready to join?

Have questions about The Transformative Boundaries Experience?

Connect your head to your heart, step-by-step...

STEP #1: Understand the strangleholds impacting your life

What are your expectations for your relationship? What do you envision? Before you can answer those questions, it’s vital you unravel things. 

It’s vital to recognize the truth about what addiction does. And how the person you see, hear, and talk to now is not the child you once nurtured and raised. Oh, your child is still there, you just can’t see him or her right now.

Give yourself permission to grieve the ‘loss’ of the child you expected to have at this time.

Let me guess, you’ve sidetracked your own dreams and goals to be present for your child. But at what cost? We’ll gently focus on these ideas. You will discover how to get back to yourself. And you’ll start to understand why you must do so to help your child.

No matter how painful or challenging your situation, YOU, Dear Mom, require nurturing too. Peace and joy are your birthright! Let’s hit “pause” and shine a light on your dreams. That way, you’re energized to reset your priorities and pick a few select goals to help you bloom again.
Zero in on the #1 thing you DO have control over, that can instantly begin improving your relationship. It’s time to stop lamenting the past and move ahead more powerfully ― for yourself and your child.

And yes, you’re ready.

You wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!


STEP #2: Unearth lessons of the past to prepare for new boundaries

What boundaries have you already tried with your child? What were the choices available at the time? What was the impact on your child’s behavior? What would you have done differently?

Examine vital questions like these in a personalized, systematic manner. Then, you can begin building NEW Transformative Boundaries. Your Transformative Boundaries rest on a solid foundation. This solid foundation comes from your clear-minded assessment, instead of in-the-moment panic. You ensure a better response and avoid repeating past mistakes.

Ready to ditch the overwhelming feelings miring you in doubt, confusion, and inaction? Let’s whittle away at the frenzy of trying to react the “right” way, right away, whenever your child reaches out. You deserve to make composed, focused decisions you can feel proud and certain of.


STEP #3: Build strong, value-based boundaries that serve your needs

What makes a successful relationship boundary? What’s fantasy and wishful thinking, and what’s REAL? How can you tell the difference? What are the pitfalls (and yes, they’re lurking everywhere)? How can you speak your truth and stop tiptoeing around? There’s a secret to creating successful boundaries almost ALL parents miss – and now you’re in the know.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to understand why your child reacts the way they do? With The Transformative Boundaries Experience, you start cracking the code to their behavior. You discover exactly how to track and evaluate the outcome of every boundary you set.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. The Transformative Boundaries Experience is carefully crafted. It’s actually set up to help you create and refine meaningful boundaries that are right for you. It helps you measure the impact. And it allows you to finally make a real and positive difference with your child.

Here’s the thing. Your child is responsible for their choices. Your child holds the key to their freedom from addiction. With The Transformative Boundaries Experience, you start building personal resilience and control. This allows you to better help your child stand on their own. This prevents you from getting knocked down with every interaction.

STEP #4: Practice your new boundaries to hone your skill and confidence

You’re ready! Over the next three weeks, you’ll select, personalize, and practice 3 boundaries. You choose 3 separate topics you wish to address with your adult child. Equipped with these new boundaries, you stop second guessing yourself. You make decisions in a more calm, quiet, consistent way.

Experiment, iterate, test, evaluate! It’s okay, you’re perfectly safe. You’ll tweak and adjust to optimize your influence and results.

Why go it alone? Share your experiences as much (or as little) as you wish with other parents in the group. That way, you feel supported, empowered, and understood. Plus, you get your questions answered. You discover new perspectives for success with your boundaries and in your relationship.


The Transformative Boundaries Experience provides both of the key components you need. It includes the Love Another Way model itself, and it includes a very special community. 

Both are critically important! 

And both are included.

My Love Another Way model develops your skill. You discover exactly how to set and hold loving boundaries with your child. (Both recovery professionals and addicts tell us this is what they most need from us moms.)

My special community provides the support, inspiration, and new ideas you must have.


Loving Another Way And Setting Transformative Boundaries Changes EVERYTHING!


… You start enjoying more days of peace. You are relieved to be providing your child with opportunities to choose to help him or herself.

… You are comforted by knowing you are doing everything you can for your beloved child.

… You are able to sleep (at least some of the time) because your mind is often free from that constant worry. You start to feel a little like your old self.

… You catch yourself actually having more time, energy and focus for yourself. Other people you love notice that you are more present. You delight in getting back to doing some of the things you love.

… You are comforted by having discovered and mastered a model, a step-by-step model. You are relieved as you calmly approach each new crisis that your child reaches out to you about.

What Do Other Parents Think Of The Transformative Boundaries Experience?


  • Beth wants everyone to enjoy this life-changing Experience. She’s even included her phone number. She explains why she is willing to publish her phone number.

“I know how lonely and devastating it feels when we are at the end of our ropes. I believe our brains get addled so we can't even think clearly to come up with a solution - and I would like to be that understanding someone a person could talk to in that instance.”

Since I know there are many other parents who find themselves in the same position I did, I feel compelled to write a testimonial about this program, in the hope that others may enroll in it and be helped by it as much as I have. I want to provide with you with the knowledge that there is a program that works.

My adult daughter has been an alcoholic for several decades and her life and the lives of her family members have been negatively affected in every possible way. I had tried many forms of treatment for myself and my daughter, including individual and group counselling, very expensive rehabilitation programs, detox programs, and years of Al-Anon meetings, etc. I was physically and mentally spent and so disillusioned. I had given up even looking for other help. I had resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing more I could do. I am here to tell you that there is something powerful and helpful you can do — enroll in this program. Information about it miraculously appeared in my in-box when I had completely given up hope, was at a very low point in my life, and was praying for a solution.

Barbara Decker is very humble and hesitant to promote herself or the program, so I feel a need to do that for her, as she has designed a brilliant program in every way. She involved educated and experienced clinicians in the development of it and has produced a program that works. She is extremely empathetic as a result of having personally gone through the agony of having a child in active addiction for several years. Barbara has also done the work by interacting with several clinicians to help her son and herself. In addition to that, she has spent years educating herself on addiction and continues to take courses to continue her personal education, continually improving different aspects of the course. The result of all this gives her students a wise, experienced, caring facilitator who is making a huge difference in the lives of her students – and is helping to provide positive outcomes for many of our addictive children.

I was very hesitant to enroll in yet another program that was claiming to be different. I had vowed I wouldn’t spend another penny on any program. Through careful investigation I discovered this truly was different, teaching us to love our children, but in another more beneficial and less enabling way – the only way that really works. I now feel calmer and hopeful about the situation with valuable tools to handle anything that comes up. My daughter and I have started having meaningful interactions about serious issues and I feel hopeful for the future.

I am so grateful that I made the decision to be part of this supportive, caring group with Barbara Decker at the helm. I admire her commitment to each student, her attention to detail, the quick way she sizes up a problem and is able to provide possible positive ways to look at it and handle it – without being condescending or preachy – just loving, caring, knowledgeable and wise.

I wholeheartedly recommend this program and would gladly supply more detail if needed.

Respectfully submitted with gratitude and appreciation,

Beth Wallace
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada


My 9-Year Journey With My Addicted Son

On December 4, 2013, my almost perfect life crashes and burns, when I receive a disturbing phone call about my son.

This conversation triggers a chain of events. These events turn my well-managed and orderly world upside down. These events cause me to question everything I think I know, and hold dear, about myself and the world in general.

My identity is deeply rooted in how well my boys turn out. I've taught the right values, surrounded my boys with loving family, and worked hard at being a good parent. My reward is my happy family and my healthy grown children. I know I delivered two wonderful men to the world.

That is what I know to be true before that phone call.

Now, at almost 22, my intelligent, literate son has suddenly slipped into psychosis. He’s landed in the hospital. The doctors are unsure whether Eric’s problems are a result of mental illness or drug usage.

I am confused and in terror.

It becomes obvious, to me, that I did something wrong. I fell asleep at the wheel. I allowed bad things to happen in my family.

It's my fault, so it's up to me to find a way to “fix” it.

This is the start of MY journey.

I push and pull every way I can to find a solution for Eric. I meet lots of people, many compassionate and helpful, others not so much.

Along the way, there is an intervention, and Eric is admitted to a psychiatric facility.

There are arrests and jail time.

There are many periods when I lose contact with Eric as he lives homeless and in a state of continual anger at me.

I live in worry about Eric’s safety and welfare and cannot seem to focus on anything else. My pain is constant and intense, and I feel powerless to change things.

I start to work informally with parents who are in pain and feel powerless to help their child. I also talk with lots of parents who have moved beyond the pain. I talk with parents who were able to find peace and joy, not connected in any way to their child’s well-being.

Patterns emerge.

What I find ultimately is a solution for ME.

I learn that I cannot fix someone else.

I learn that I can only fix ME.

This is not an easy lesson to learn.

This painful and scary journey teaches me how to find peace and joy in my life. I find this peace for myself even while my son is at risk and in active addiction. I don’t achieve this all the time, but do manage to find more and more minutes each day, every day.

I retired from the corporate world. I decided to spend my “golden years” helping as many parents as I can get as much peace as possible. This is the purpose my mind keeps coming back to.

This is what my heart keeps pulling me to. So many parents are wrestling with similar demons and living in pain. I need to share as much of what I’ve learned.

So, here I am, inviting you to join me in The Transformative Boundaries Experience...
… where I’ll fill you in on all the details of my story. I’ll hold nothing back.

Update on Eric...

Eric is now in recovery (recovery date 4/30/18). He got there not because of what I did, but because of what he learned and did. I’m aware his recovery is hard and not relapse free, but I choose to enjoy every moment I spend with him. I feel incredibly proud of the work he has done and the person he has become.

I found my own peace long before Eric entered recovery. I know I now have the support and tools I need to weather whatever life brings.

Eric is a tech genius and helping me put this program together and deliver it to all of you. He is 1000% behind what I’m doing here, and I would not be doing it or telling my story without his full blessing.

(Picture above is me and Eric 
at Christmas together 2018 :))

Here’s everything you get when you join...
The Transformative Boundaries Experience:

The Transformative Boundaries 8-Week Online Training Program. It features 4 Modules & 4 Secret Messages. I walk you through, step-by-step, EXACTLY how I healed myself & my son. And I give you the tools I built out of my experiences.

Module 1:

‘Transformative Priorities' gives you a step-by-step recipe. This novel approach helps you identify clear REAL priorities for your life. This clarity is a MUST to move past your child’s addiction. Realizing that YOU have priorities is key. Making sure they are the right priorities is key. It is part of the foundation you need to shift the impact your child’s addiction has on your life.

Imagine actually having a structured plan of HOW to get what you want, like Lisa.

Envision reclaiming hope, energy, motivation like Karelle!

Actually picture yourself feeling healthier and living a life based on your true priorities.

You’ll enjoy that empowered feeling as you reclaim your own life, for the first time in a long time! Picture yourself so pumped by this change you are making for yourself that you decide to post the key slide all around your house, like Kim.

Module 2:

‘Boundaries Retrospective’ helps you take a look into the past. You get clear on positive & negative boundaries between you and your child. This allows you to start to think about fixing boundaries that harm you and/or your child. This sets the stage for Module 3.

Module 2 is where you start to feel freedom to set boundaries that you actually feel good about, like Susan M.

Because you actually start to see the difference between a Transformative Boundary and a fantasy, like Marie.

You are relieved to recognize that you are not stuck, no matter what anyone has told you. You just never had the tools you need before.

The secret sauce is in the tools I’ve built just for moms. And in the way these tools work together, so you can use boundaries constructively like Karen G.

So that you can move out of your same old worn patterns, like Deborra.

Module 3:

‘The Boundary-Benefit Evaluation Exercise’ leads you step-by-step through options you have. It is very carefully designed. You think about things you haven't considered before. You get to a place where you make the choice that is most beneficial for BOTH you and your child. You learn what truly makes a boundary transformative. Because it is the “transformative” aspect that inspires a child to choose recovery!

Like Mary says, This framework takes everything into consideration.

Imagine your delight to discover that, just like Ann, you have a lot more options than you thought you had.

Oh - And this is important! Everyone's choice is different. You pick what is healthy for you, as Donna S points out. No one size fits all solutions here!

Delight in the peace you feel when you are confident in the boundary you choose, like Lee. Delight in not worrying ALL the time about whether you’ve chosen the best option for your family! 

And maybe best of all, this is all built in a way that it actually is easy to follow and use, like Jacque M goes on to say. (You too can do this!)

It is not at all overwhelming, said Patricia, because there is minute by minute guidance.

And Lillian points how simple yet effective and thought provoking, this is.

YOU can do this too!

Module 4:

‘Practice’ is where you try out your new boundary decision-making skills. You practice with your child in real life in real time. Real time in real life is the ONLY way that’s useful. It’s the only way to create and KEEP positive change in your life and your child’s life. This final step helps you enter the real world with confidence in yourself. This final step is where you develop confidence in your child as well. And that’s key.

And always, you are experimenting. You are learning what is right for you and your family. 

And it is all ok. Like Maxine, you are feeling so relieved to know that nothing is carved in stone. Because how can you know what you can bear - what will be useful - until you experiment? No “final answers” here!

Be like Susan M, who says “Bye Bye perfect…. Hello courage!!!!!” Because the program is laid up very intentionally so you can build your courage, your muscle in these tough situations. You find you CAN set boundaries that are right for you. You too are so proud of yourself for being able to do what is best for both you and your child.

You feel your own evolution as you work through this important Practice, Practice, Practice module.

And in module 4, there’s a whole section where graduates share their own in-depth thoughts on important topics like:

  • Allowing your addicted child contact with his or her child.
  • Challenges in raising your grandchild at this time in your life.
  • Child blaming mom for everything.
  • Child “borrowing” money.
  • Child not doing what you expect around the house.
  • Child overstaying welcome in the family home.
  • Managing phone calls and texts.
  • Transportation choices.
  • And so much more. 

Just take a look at a very small sampling of how useful it is to actually hear the in-the-moment thought process of graduates, as they are coached through their boundary decision making process. Pure Gold!

4 Secret Step-By-Step Healing Messages per week via email.

These healing messages tell you EXACTLY what to do to make progress. Imagine being clear on what exact thing to do each week. Picture yourself making noticeable and meaningful progress each & every day.

Imagine the day when the hold your child’s addiction has on you completely vanishes.

These secret messages erase the negative thoughts and fears you have, day by day. These messages help you lead a more loving, stress-free, & fun life with your family! All while giving your child his or her best chance at recovery.

LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Video Calls With Me & other parents. We are on this healing journey together.

These calls are magic. They are pure GOLD !

You get individual coaching from me on your greatest Needs. And you get to hear from other moms just like you. 

These calls are confidential and unconditionally loving. They are your place to be heard, to witness, to share openly without even the slightest fear of judgment

You are always held in a loving container to explore what is deeply true for YOU (no matter how "familially correct" it is).

You bear witness to other Moms, as they walk their path, sharing their truth.

Here’s a clip from one coaching call. And it is important to know I never share anyone’s voice or face without explicit permission. These brave moms have all said “YES” share my voice, share my face. We want other moms to know how profoundly life-changing this program is

In this clip, Stacy expresses her need. And you get to watch her come to an important realization. You get to watch her “smile so big that it hurts your face” like Patti said.

Sometimes, we just do not see our own progress clearly. Sometimes, we need to take a look in our rear view mirror. Sometimes we need some gently, loving coaching from someone who gets it.

And more…

… just a bit on strategy for staying in touch when our kids are resistant to that,
… just a bit on what else we might want to do to fill our own cup,
… exactly how Kim gets benefit from every person on the call, and
… my guidance on exactly how to turbo-charge your own growth in The Transformative Boundaries Experience.

Watch one Transformation Unfold - and See How the Magic Happens.

Voices and Images shown are with express permission. We never share anything without express permission!

On these calls, you find out what’s working RIGHT NOW. You discover innovative ways to respond to any situation between you and your child. And you realize how to do this in a way that encourages recovery for both of you.
Here are just a few quotes (from hundreds I have) about how impactful these calls are. 



Donna R








Secret Facebook Group Access where you get to ask questions ANY TIME. You’ll get answers from me. You’ll get answers from other mothers in the group to accelerate your healing process!

Best of all, this group is COMPLETELY SECRET and no one but the other members & me will know you’re in it. It cannot be found by anyone else.

This a SAFE, confidential, no-judgement zone.

You appreciate the quick responses. You appreciate the wise feedback you get from other group members. And imagine maybe helping someone else by sharing something you’ve already navigated. The other moms are so appreciative of your wisdom. (You may not think you have much wisdom – believe me, you do!) This is a truly special place!

Donna R

BONUS #1: 1-On-1 Interaction With Me

I KNOW you have some burning questions right now that you NEED answered. You want exact precise strategies. You want to relieve the years of built-up stress, worry, and anxiety about your child’s well-being.

That’s why I’m available to you in our Secret Facebook Group whenever you need me. Every day, I’m there to give you IMMEDIATE tips to overcome negative thoughts & worries.

You start to feel better. You move quickly forward on this path to healing yourself. You start to behave in ways that inspire your child to choose recovery.

BONUS #2: The LoveAnotherWay JumpStart Guide

You get instant access to the digital guide that my students have called a “Godsend.” It’s a series of short videos, audio clips, and written stories. These clips feature addicts. These clips feature recovery professionals. These clips even feature other parents who have successfully healed addiction.

They tell you EXACTLY how to heal yourself. They tell you how to give your child his or her BEST chance at choosing recovery. And you hear these strategies directly from people who have successfully defeated addiction.

BONUS #3: Private Next-Steps Call

After your 8 life-changing weeks in The Transformative Boundaries Experience, we get on a call. We create your personalized plan and keep the momentum going. Your goal is to maintain the healing & growth of both you AND your child forever onward.

This guarantees that you’re doing everything you can to heal yourself & your child. Imagine how relaxed you are for the rest of your life knowing that you’ve done everything you can.

Best of all, the entire program can be completed in FAR shorter time than any other program you’ve tried in the past. This only requires about 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week.

It’s all accessible through my website - to which you get your own 100% private login as soon as you sign up below. No one else will ever know you’re logged in.
And you receive LIFETIME access to the course materials, so you can revisit the lessons anytime you need a refresher. You can reference them anytime a new problem or boundary need arises with your child..

Endorsed by Medical Professionals, Social Workers, Spiritual Leaders, Therapists…

The Transformative Boundaries Experience (TTBE) Program is invaluable for anyone who is struggling with a loved one being in addiction. It is primarily intended for moms of adult children in addiction.

TTBE is a group program that offers participants empathetic and non-judgmental support in addressing issues that arise with their loved ones in addiction. It focuses specifically on setting effective boundaries. This concept can be extremely difficult to navigate, but the support of the group and the expertise of the facilitators make it surprisingly uncomplicated. Once established, setting boundaries can potentially be the most effective way to free parents and loved ones from the co- dependency that addiction often fosters. Thus, it frees parents in particular from constant worry and anxiety and allows them to get their life back regardless of where their adult child is in the addiction or recovery process.

Barbara Decker is the founder and main facilitator and she is a wealth of knowledge, kindness and compassion. This program is not only beneficial for parents, but is a valuable resource for counsellors and other helping professionals who work with people who have loved ones in addiction. I strongly recommend this program.

J.K. M.Ed (Counselling Psychology), CCC, ND

Have questions about The Transformative Boundaries Experience?

Okay Barbara, I’m in! What Is the Cost?

First, ask yourself what your mental peace and your child’s recovery is worth to you.

  • What is it worth to be free of the constant pain
  • What is it worth to see your child taking steps that are toward recovery
  • What is it worth to wake each morning and go to bed each night with peace in your heart? 
  • What is it worth to no longer feel helpless and hopeless
  • What is it worth to know for sure that your decisions are what is best for your child? 
  • What is it worth to reclaim the relationships you have lost with others you care about

And on and on I could go.

I think every mother would say it’s priceless.

But what exactly does priceless equate to?



Priceless is up to each Mom to decide for herself.

Many have told me they'd give everything they have, just to feel normal again for one day.

The Transformative Boundaries Experience includes: 

  • 4 Online Modules
  • 4 Secret Healing Messages each week
  • Weekly group live coaching with me and a second weekly live coaching with a graduate coach who was “you” a short time ago
  • Secret, private  Facebook group which is full of other solution-oriented warrior moms. Their support is beyond anything I can describe.

Plus all the bonuses: 

  • My input every day within the Secret group to whatever needs you post.
  • The JumpStart Guide, a “Godsend”
  • Private Next Steps Call with me.

The total value of The Transformative Boundaries Experience is over $8,000.

However, addiction is not something that anyone should get rich off of...

So there’s no way I’m going to charge you that much.

In fact, I’m not even going to charge you $5,000…

Even though you’ve probably spent FAR more than that on different therapists and counselors and rehab that failed to help you and your child.

I know I did.

While I know that I COULD charge $5,000 for The Transformative Boundaries Experience and I’d still sleep soundly at night...

This isn’t about making a profit.

Instead, it’s about fulfilling the promise I made to myself during Eric’s addiction.

When I contemplated the point of life…

And nearly lost my son to the sad reality of drugs and alcohol.

I know what it’s like to see someone you love turn into a manipulative monster right before your eyes.

The pain you feel inside because it seems like there’s nothing that can be done…

And the idea that addiction is just a fact of life that we have to accept...

I almost lost my inner peace…

And my child.

I don’t want you to lose yours, too.

That is why I created The Transformative Boundaries Experience for you.

And that's why, when you say YES to a clear mind and your child's best chance at recovery...

You won’t need to spend $5,000.

Heck, you won’t even need to spend $2,500.

Your investment today is just 3 equal payments of $397 (or a one time investment of $997.)

So, let me ask you...

Every day that you live with the uncertainty about how to do what is best for you and what is best for your child. What is the feeling of powerlessness costing you?


As parents, if supporting or helping our child out of their pain means spending many thousands of dollars to do so, we will find a way, even if we can’t afford it.

But when it comes time to invest in help for ourselves, well, that’s often a different story.

Since you’re here, you already know that in order to give your child the best chance at choosing recovery, you need to look after your own well being first. 

You are deserving. You matter too. You are so worth it.



Donna S


Joins The Transformative Boundaries Experience today And You’ll Be Covered By My 100% Money Back Guarantee.

This is really important, and here’s why:

Every day I hear from folks all over the United States and Canada. People tell me that The Transformative Boundaries Experience is like pressing the rewind button on life…

Back to simpler times…

And the ‘good old days’...

When your innocent child was… An innocent child.

No worries, stresses, or anxiety about addiction.

In fact, it was an exciting, yet mentally peaceful time full of strong love & family relationships.

And many families are being reunited with the child that they used to know.

However, I also know that in today’s society of big promises and over-the-top hype…

Talk is cheap.

That’s why I want to put my money where my mouth is. That’s why I’m offering you the opportunity to try The Transformative Boundaries Experience for an entire year…

With absolutely no financial risk whatsoever.

It works like this...

Simply click the link below. It says “Join The Transformative Boundaries Experience.” Complete the form and submit your information. You get instant access to the program.

I’m positive that once you do this, you will feel AND see the difference it makes in your daily life, right away!

And after just 8 stress-relieving weeks, you’ll wish you had this solution long ago.

But if for any reason I’m wrong…

If you try it out and use it… 

Ask questions on the coaching calls or in the Facebook group whenever you need help...

If you don’t notice ANY positive change in your life…

If NONE of your worries disappear…

If you don’t feel more and more relaxed...

Simply send me an email and I’ll give you a full, prompt refund at any point within ONE YEAR of trying The Transformative Boundaries Experience.

Mary S

Nancy A


Frequently Asked Questions

When I commit, how much time will it take? I’m drowning already.

Simply put, you will get out what you put in. You are worth the investment! Remember this is uniquely designed for moms in your situation. Plan on 2-3 hours a week, and you’ll be off to a great start. As well, there is bonus content if you have more time.

How much support will I get?

You have my full support through the entire experience. You receive complete access to my exclusive, SECRET group. You also receive once a week live coaching from me. I’m here every step of the way. And the other parents in the program support each other in a way that is beautiful to see, so sincere and connected. Life-long friendships are formed.


I have a therapist and/or a group I already attend. Is this program suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely!

Interesting fact: my students refer me to their therapists over and over... and their therapists refer their other clients back to me! This experience works beautifully with therapy and other group programs. Think of it as a jump-start to everything you are already working towards.



I’m the grandmother, can I still join? I'm the father, can I still join? Or is this just for moms?

The short answer is YES! This program works well for anyone who loves an addict. Grandparents, dads, stepparents, aunts, and uncles, etc. We are glad you are here, and we're here to help!

My child also has a mental illness. Is this a good fit for me?

Yes, absolutely. Here’s why.

It is impossible to diagnose or treat mental illness while a person is using drugs or alcohol. The individuals must enter recovery before the mental illness can be tackled. However, the Love Another Way process works just as well if you have a child with only a mental illness. So you are still in the right place.

Fun fact: My son was diagnosed with all kinds of mental illness. Once he entered recovery, I expected to have to next deal with those illnesses. Delightful surprise: once Eric was in recovery, he had ZERO mental illnesses remaining.



Are you for real?

I get this from time to time. Yes, I’m for real. Email me with any questions and you'll get a personal reply.


Kelly Y

Can I join if my friend is an addict?

Yes, the process is the same.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. This program works 100% of the time if you use it. I stand behind it with a 1 Year RISK-FREE Guarantee. Just show up and use it. If I don’t deliver on what I’m promising, I insist on returning your money. And my emails and workshop calls guide you with every single step. This is a safe, no judgement zone.

Can’t I just figure this out on my own?

Isn’t that what you’ve been doing? I do not know what exact solutions you’ve tried in the past. I do know that nothing else has truly fixed your situation, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

The Transformative Boundaries Experience teaches you the skills you need. It teaches you how to set and hold Transformative Boundaries. It teaches you how to actually Love Another Way. It uses my own proven model and is only available inside this program.

How can I join?

Click the link below to be taken to the 100% Secure (SSL) Order Form!

I hope you find a pocket of joy in your day today.
Reach out anytime, because I care.


Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS)