LoveAnotherWay™ JumpStart Guide

As A Mom Of An Addict, Here's How I Finally Went From "Worried” To “Warrior” (And Inspired My Son To Turn His Life Around).

Hear from parents, addicts, and recovery professionals as they share words of encouragement and reassurance, the raw and honest truth about addiction, and practical tools and advice.

  • The 8 challenges you MUST overcome right now if you want your child to recover
  • The 3 shocking truths that 159 addicts in active recovery all agree will inspire an addict to recover faster than anything else
  • The seemingly contradictory ‘rules for recovery’. These are revealed by 154 parents who helped their children choose recovery
  • What Recovery Professionals Admit Causes Addiction… And how to reverse it the next time you speak to your child

It’s disheartening to think about all of the ways that we CAN’T help our addicted child. This guide is here to empower you with what you CAN do or say to help give your child the best chance at choosing recovery.


“So much pain, so much worry and fear. I can relate to so many of these experiences/fears/feelings. There is some comfort in our common humanity, love, pain and desire for healing for our loved ones - it helps me feel less alone.”

LoveAnotherWay™ JumpStart Is A 5-Module Self-Paced, When-You-Need-It Guide To Help You Worry Less And Take Back YOUR Power Over Addiction.



  • Discover how to overcome the challenges of parenting an adult child through addiction
  • The shocking truths 154 brave parents revealed about handling their addicted children
  • The hidden meaning behind everything your addicted child is saying (and what they, and the recovery professionals who work with them, want you to know)



  • How to stop enabling your child – as explained by an addict
  • Addicts speak out about a parent’s role during addiction and recovery
  • The hidden truth behind what addicts are really feeling but hiding from their parents
  • 3 surprising things your adult addicted child wants you to know so that you have less worry and feel less pain


Very insightful. Addiction affects the brain and their actions while using are separate from the person underneath the pain etc. The urges are strong. Their thoughts are altered. This helps me to understand the disease and to be compassionate instead of angry.



  • The one tool that is the key to helping your child out of addiction
  • What therapists and recovery professionals need you to know about getting help … for YOU
  • Expert clinicians advice for battling guilt over your addicted child
  • Why our addicted children relapse
  • Understanding the aftermath of recovery
  • Rehab owner reveals one simple trick to help parents breakthrough to their addicted child



  • How to know when your adult child is in recovery … and your role as a parent
  • Unusual strategies for helping your addicted child through recovery WITHOUT sacrificing your own needs
  • The #1 challenge all parents of addicted children face … and the strange, yet effective technique for overcoming it
  • The continuous effects of adult children’s addiction on parents … and how to avoid the vicious cycle
  • The #1 mistake parents make when realizing their child is an addict – and why it’s okay
  • The #1 common and not-ever-discussed mistake parents make when setting boundaries
  • Discover how changes YOU make in YOUR life affect your adult child in addiction
  • Powerful tips to handing the phone/text manipulation of our addicted children
  • A unique approach to empowering your addicted child’s journey to recovery
  • The Transformative Boundaries Experience™ – the proven system for confident decision making and progressive growth


It's good to know that I can feel good about the boundaries I set. It's good to know that no matter the boundaries, I am doing it for me to feel safe and secure and achieve self actualization. It is good to know I can let go with love



… Plus MANY more guidebooks, videos, podcast episodes, and downloadable resources that feature powerful insights into addiction and the parent-child-addiction dynamic.

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“Thank you Barbara, this really helps me. I have been rescuing my son for so many years. I always thought I could fix things with a conversation because I learned that way. Both he and I both know dance is up! You're so right about the addict vs your child. I'm feeling stressed even though I know that I've done everything! I will keep listening because I want to reach my son.”


“So much pain out there. People do need a new way to deal with their addicts and living their lives. Thanks for this program.”


“I found this to be especially helpful to understand that boundaries are central to the entire enchilada. I'm eager to dive into what healthy communication of boundaries looks like. We've moved in that direction, but very practical tools will be amazing!”


So much advice! I made a list of things to remember, that are helpful/not helpful to remind me when the going gets tough to stay the course.
“The comments regarding 'loving them to death' really hit home.
I have to hope and trust he will seek help when he's ready.
I have to take care of me and my health, for me and also, so I can be there for him when he needs my support.


“I think it is clear what enabling is now. I really didn't understand the difference, but I think I am starting to know now. God I wish I would have had this group years ago. Oh my, all the thoughts and times I enabled and thought I was just trying to help because I loved him so much. This is amazing to read.”


“Wow - This really resonated with me. It's so interesting to know that a parent is not to blame regardless of what they did to or with the child while raising them. It really shifts responsibility of a parent and to any one of us - creates the feeling of total responsibly for what we choose, who we choose to be and what we do with our life and how we live it. It's in our control.”

My son’s eight years of addiction were the most painful time in my entire life ...

I can’t count the number of times he lied to me, disappeared, ignored my calls (or angrily hung up on me), and left me worried about getting a heartbreaking knock at the door...

And when I did see him, he just wasn’t the same. He was only a shell of who he used to be.

I tried everything to support him.

I prayed & prayed that all of my efforts would change who he was…

I gave him all the love & support a parent can possibly give…

But he didn’t seem to care.

I felt like I couldn’t get through to him.

And if you’re still reading this…

It’s probably because you feel the same way.

How are you supposed to approach your own child in a way that gets him or her to realize the grave consequences of their actions?

What should you say to them?

How should you say it?

When should you say it?

What should you give to them?

What should you not give to them?

If these questions frustrate you, that’s okay.

Because here’s the truth:

It’s not possible to figure out the answers on your own.

I’m not being harsh, that’s just the truth.

I tried to fight that truth for 8 years.

I wouldn’t accept it.

Until I conducted a multi-year research study in which I interviewed addicts in active recovery, parents of addicted children, recovery professionals, and expert clinicians.

I spent YEARS of my life and tens of thousands of dollars compiling this research…

But once I applied these proven, ‘straight from the source’ strategies to my parenting…

My son chose recovery.

All because I was able to ‘see inside his mind’ thanks to the raw, honest truth about how to parent an addict...

I heard everything I needed to help my child recover.

And now…

You can, too.


Barbara Decker, Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS)

P.S.: My "Love Another Way" approach is what I wish existed... when my son faced addiction. It would’ve saved me YEARS of stress & wondering if my son was going to make it another day…

(Not to mention saving me many thousands of dollars spent on ineffective rehab & counselling.)


First time I heard the expression," Building up their Protective factors"
This is a helpful way to look at how I can help my daughter as she continues in IOP and hopefully going forward to recovery. I also feel with this program I am building up my own protective factors.

LoveAnotherWay™ Jumpstart is here to offer support when you need it and to give your child the best chance possible at recovery.

$97, one time, lifetime access