Archive Daily Archives: September 22, 2020

How to love your addicted child and prevent the worst from happening without losing yourself in the process

As mothers, we inherently put so much of ourselves and our lives on hold to care for and love our children at any age — that’s just part of what I call the “Mom Code.”

While we generally tend to do this less as our kids grow into adulthood and need us less, that can change when we find ourselves figuring out the best ways to support our adult children through their addiction journey.

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Are you struggling to overcome the fear of change?

For however long and by what methods you’ve been using to interact with your child about their addiction, it’s just not getting them to really change.

They’re still choosing addiction over recovery, and you’re still feeling powerless to help. You and your child (and likely your entire family) have developed a certain way of “dealing” with these situations, and you’re not sure if or how you should change that approach. You’re afraid.

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