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Hi, I'm

Barbara Decker - Parent Recovery Advocate

I’m a Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS) and founder of Live Well and Fully. 

I help parents of sons and daughters with the disease of addiction free themselves from the non-stop worry. I help them reclaim pockets of peace and joy in their lives. We do this all in a way that gives the child every possible opportunity to choose recovery. 

This is Love Another Way.

My work is supported by clinicians who work with people with addictions and by those who work with their families. 

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  • Reserve a seat on my free confidential workshop: One Mother's Journey to Discovering the 3 Secrets to Encourage Your Child to Recover from Addiction While You Reclaim Your Own Life and then that takes them to the Schedule page.

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Click here to reserve a seat on my free confidential workshop:
One Mother's Journey to Discovering the 3 Secrets to Encourage Your Child to Recover from Addiction While You Reclaim Your Own Life

As a Clinician in the field treating Substance Use Disorder, I find it absolutely imperative that parents of children living with the disease, engage in quality treatment and support services.

We have all heard the phrase, "addiction is a family disease." Simplifying the concept into a phrase like that is catchy, but quite frankly, it over simplifies the reality of what is going on in so many families.

Addiction is tearing families apart, and when it's not, it is at least disrupting the family system so intensely, that family members struggle to function in their own lives and relationships.

As a person in long-term recovery, I recognize the importance of family members, particularly parents, having a healthy, steady, recovery-oriented voice in their lives. That is why I recommend Barbara's program to the parents I work with. She started out on a mission to help other parents like her, and the commitment she has to sharing her experience, strength and hope with parents is authentically motivated.

Barbara does a tremendous job guiding parents in walking that fine line of compassionate boundary setting, and her approach and delivery are comforting and empowering.

Katie McKendry

MS, LPC, CCS, Clinical Director, Little Creek Lodge & Little Creek Outpatient Services.