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When it’s time to make a change

  • Life is short. Treat yourself (for a change). Get the full VIP Edition of The Transformative Boundaries Experience. Join this amazing group of women. You are worth it.
  • Love Another Way is a lifestyle. A way of understanding this disease. A new way of behaving toward the disease. Dip your toe into what Love Another Way is with my JumpStart Guide.
  • Love Another Way. Weekly Insights - Curated directly from conversations within The Transformative Boundaries Experience, these short-laser-focused video clips provide both guidance and inspiration on a weekly basis. 
  • When your loved one is in the middle of their "mess", it's easy to get frustrated. But that only makes things worse. Here's a better way. Get started with this 4-step strategy you can use to shift how you respond to your loved one, even in the middle of their "mess" using the Manage Addiction Chaos Blueprint.
  • Your life is about to change. This workshop will give you the answers you've been looking for. Click here to watch it now.
  • When your adult child misinterprets your well-meaning attempts to help them as “acts of aggression”, you need to Decode Addiction to finally get through to your son or daughter and end the cycle of chaos and worry, all without pleading, yelling or further enabling their disease.
  • Clinicians, Therapists and other Licensed Professionals: Your participation in our coached program(s) may qualify for CE credits; these requirements vary by state/region so please contact your governing body for their requirements. We are happy to provide a letter of participation to support you, if needed. Additionally, your investment may be a business expense for tax purposes.