When the Student Becomes the Master

This is for you if...

  • You’re excited about Love Another Way...
  • You would like to be a part of the Transformative Process for other parents...
  • You are looking for a truly meaningful and fulfilling next step in your own journey... as well as a job...
  • You are (or soon will be) a graduate of The Transformative Boundaries Experience and you are (or will be) continuing your own growth and journey in The Graduates' Community.

We are so delighted by the number of Moms (and the occasional Dad) who are choosing to be solution-oriented warriors - to start to move from Mom Code to Love Another Way.  

And with this growth comes a need for additional Graduate Coaches.

Graduate Coaches fill a number of different roles here at Live Well and Fully. They coach Progress Calls, they manage the Facebook Group, they respond to comments on our social media presence. And the roles are continually expanding as we grow and Experiment, Win, and Learn about what will best serve the needs of the students. 

If that's you, we'd love to hear from you and explore how you might fit into one of these roles.

I'm Patti, and I personally do extensive training of new Graduate Coaches, so that you are fully confident (or at least somewhat confident tee-hee) as you step into these roles. Barbara and I are there to support you every step of the way. We value your input and think that fresh perspectives open up possibilities of new Experiments from which we W: Win and/or L: Learn.

Schedule is flexible as long as the needed work gets done and done well. (Except for any agreed upon calls each week if you are in a Progress Coaching role.)

We are all adults here and each person handles their work with a great deal of autonomy.

Is this a job you’d be excited to do; things you’d be eager to learn more of? Something you could sink your teeth into? Something that fits with your own priorities for your own life?

Most importantly, do you feel called to serve this community of solution-oriented warriors, as they navigate one of the most difficult relationships of their life?