Barbara Decker

Parent Recovery Advocate and Certified Family Recovery Specialist (CFRS)

Teaching the Love Another Way model.

So parents can encourage recovery while they regain peace in their homes and their hearts.

One Mother’s Journey to Discovering the 3 Secrets to Encourage Your Child to Recover from Addiction While You Reclaim Your Own Life

It’s true. There are countless books and articles about addiction and about not enabling an addict.

It’s true. There’s a lot written about the need to set boundaries.

Setting boundaries and not enabling are catch phrases. We hear them all the time from experts and friends alike.

And yet there is precious little offered to parents in terms of practical tools…

… precious little support for HOW exactly we might set these boundaries…

… how we might actually avoid enabling our child - while still loving and supporting him or her.

Because turning our back on our beloved child is not something most of us want to do.

Often when we try to figure out HOW to not enable or HOW to set boundaries, it feels like the only option is to take a firm stand and turn our back on our child - to effectively abandon our child in his/her time of need.

And that’s just not what most of us want to do - or are able to do.

What if I offered to help you encourage your child to actually choose recovery for him or herself -- all while you reclaim your own life, your own peace, your own joy again -- without the constant chaos, manipulation, and worry that comes with addiction.

Would you take me up on that offer?
If I told you that there are strategies you can use day in and day out to make your best choice from among what are often lousy options - and to communicate those choices in a way that is loving and supportive.

Would you be interested?
Because finally the best strategies used by expert addiction clinicians have been placed inside a simple 3-part formula parents of addicts can use to help their children and themselves.

I call this breakthrough formula Love Another Way™.

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... to start to shift the addiction dynamic in your family.

(This is a system that parents of addicts need to master whether their child is in active addiction or currently in recovery and even if their child has mental health issues also.)

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I feel better already.

Thank you! I feel better already – like there is a real possibility of getting free from some of this all-consuming worry.

Truly amazing.

This was truly amazing. I left with clarity on what I need to do next. Thank you so much for doing this.

Barbara is a Godsend.

Barbara, thank you so much for taking the time. Maybe one day I can do this also. You’re a Godsend. You are exactly what I needed today. I feel so strong. Keep doing what you are doing. You are making a difference in moms lives.

Legendary Doctor calls The Transformative Boundaries Experience
“One of the Best Healing Programs in the Nation”:

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