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We won't ever tell you what you should do.

Instead, we'll help you see all the choices out there and the good things each one can offer.

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Finally Moms Get The Help They Need!

As a Mom of an adult child who's dealt with various mental health diagnoses and an addiction (a Substance Use Disorder or SUD), I can honestly say that watching your son or daughter fight this battle is incredibly tough - especially when their actions and choices start impacting your own life in a major way.

On top of that, it feels like there are hardly any resources out there specifically for Moms like us.

Believe me, I searched high and low for something that would guide me on how to navigate this situation within my own family.

You'll often hear people say things like "stop enabling" or "set boundaries," but nobody really explains how to do that effectively.

So when I finally discovered the best way to support myself and my son at the same time, I just knew I had to share this knowledge with as many other moms as I could.

I'm proud to say that we're now one of the only organizations in the USA and Canada that offers programs tailored specifically for moms whose adult children are struggling with addiction or mental health issues.

Programs We Offer

  • The Transformative Boundaries Experience™
  • Weekly Insights™
  • LoveAnotherWay Jumpstart Guide™
  • Manage Addiction Any Chaos Blueprint
  • Decode Addiction™

The Transformative Boundaries Experience™

Discover a transformative path to reclaim your peace of mind and empower your adult child's recovery from addiction or mental illness through Love Another Way - a revolutionary approach that breaks free from the Mom Code and offers your loved one their best chance at choosing recovery.

This is for moms who know (or suspect) their adult child is struggling with an addiction or mental illness.

Moms who’ve tried everything they can think of.

Moms who don’t want to give up, but don’t know what else they can do.

So if your adult son or daughter is struggling with a substance addiction (drugs, alcohol, food, etc) or a process addiction (gambling, sex/porn, gaming, internet, etc)...

…or a mental illness (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar, ADHD, etc) there’s a good chance your life is filled with chaos.

Their situation is not only affecting their life, but yours as well.

The never-ending demands and expectations…

The arguments and threats…

The constant worry that they’re safe and okay…

And so much more.

And nothing you do (or don’t do) seems to make a difference. Nothing you’ve tried up until now has worked.

They’re still struggling. Still wreaking havoc in your life.

I know what that’s like because I’ve been there. Fortunately, I found a way to reclaim my peace of mind.

And my son chose recovery as a result.

I did it by shifting my own behavior away from the Mom Code (our instinctive way of loving our kiddos) to what I call Love Another Way.

We don’t give up on them. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Love Another Way cuts through their disease so the child you loved and raised all these years can experience your love once again. (Sadly, the disease makes this incredibly difficult when loving from the Mom Code.)

The Mom Code actually reinforces and encourages their disease to strengthen and get worse.

Love Another Way encourages your son or daughter in a way that gives them their best chance at choosing recovery.

If we could make that choice for them, we’d do it in a heartbeat.

But we can’t. Instead, we Love Another Way.

Weekly Insights™

Gain invaluable inspiration and practical guidance from real-life stories of parents just like you, as they apply the transformative principles of Love Another Way to navigate their adult child's addiction or mental illness crisis, helping you reclaim peace, end enabling behaviors, and create a supportive environment that encourages your son or daughter to choose recovery.

This is for parents of adult sons or daughters struggling with addiction or mental illness and who want to see — and be inspired by — how other women just like them are applying the Love Another Way principles.

Your son's or daughter's addiction or mental health has become a crisis. But what do you do about it?

  • How do you reclaim peace and joy in your life?
  • How do you put an end to enabling their destructive behavior?
  • What can you start doing today that encourages recovery?

The old ways of loving your child don’t work any longer. No matter what you try, your son or daughter seems to go deeper into their disease.

Your relationship is strained. Perhaps non-existent.

You know you need to do something different, but you don’t know what to try next. Everything up until now hasn’t worked.

Everyone says you need to “stop enabling” but what does that actually mean? More importantly, how do you do it?

Witness real moms using Love Another Way techniques in real-world situations with their son or daughter.

Watch them shift the dynamic. Watch them create more peace in their lives. Watch them create an environment to encourage their son or daughter to choose recovery.

Watch them, so you can learn how you can shift the dynamic in your family, too.

LoveAnotherWay Jumpstart Guide™

Break free from the constraints of the "Mom Code" and discover the transformative power of Love Another Way™, a path that empowers you to reclaim your power, rebuild relationships, and nurture your self-worth while navigating addiction's impact on your family, offering real stories, honest insights, practical tips, and the encouragement you need to protect your peace of mind and inspire your loved one's journey towards recovery.

This is for moms who are ready to ditch the “Mom Code” (that instinctual way we have of stepping in to rescue our kids) and learn how to Love Another Way™.

Addiction is a disease that affects nearly half of all North American families. For decades addiction has been a shameful subject that many families try to ignore or sweep under the rug.

For many families it affects their whole world. Their relationship to their addicted loved one. The relationship with other family members who may or may not have direct dealings with that person.

It even affects their sense of self worth, their overall mental, emotional and physical health. Not to mention the financial support many families offer to their addicted loved one, to their own financial detriment.

But addiction doesn't have to define you and your family. There are things you can do to reclaim your power, your relationships with your loved one(s) and your own self worth.

The old way of loving simply doesn’t work. Addiction and mental illness affects how their brain works.

They see the world very differently from you and I.

So you must learn to Love Another Way™.

  • A way that protects your peace of mind.
  • A way that encourages your loved one to choose recovery.
  • A way that makes a positive difference in your life and theirs.

Get real stories of addiction from parents, individuals affected, and experts. Honest insights, practical tips, and encouragement.

Join us now and protect your peace of mind.

Manage Addiction Any Chaos Blueprint

Escape the overwhelming chaos caused by your loved one's addiction or mental illness by embracing a proven formula that empowers you to manage the constant turmoil, offering a transformative set of 4 questions to ask yourself before responding to their demands, enabling you to regain control, find peace, and create a healthier dynamic in your life.

This is for moms who are overwhelmed by the chaos caused by their son or daughter battling addiction or mental illness.

Who have tried everything they can think of and failed… and are looking for a proven formula for managing the constant chaos.

Are you feeling overwhelmed as your loved one's addiction or mental illness spirals out of control?

Do they expect you to drop everything and follow their commands?

Are you automatically volunteering to do what you think they need without them asking?

It can be so hard to see a loved one struggling. And it often feels like the best (and easiest) thing to do is just cave in and give them what they want.

But if doing that worked, your son or daughter would be better by now, right?

Which means you need to learn how to calm the chaos instead of fanning the flames.

During my journey with this terrible disease, I discovered 4 questions to ask yourself every time your son or daughter asks you for something. Or when you catch yourself wanting to volunteer something you think they need even if they haven’t asked you for it.

When they need something right this very instant… you can stop and pause rather than just responding.

Learning these questions… and then remembering to stop and use them before I responded… was the first step to shifting power and control over my life back into my own hands.

They can do the same for you.

So if you’re ready for more peace in your life…

Decode Addiction™

Gain profound insights into the inner workings of addiction and how it distorts your loved one's perception, enabling you to break free from harmful patterns and instead adopt strategies that soothe and calm the disease, fostering positive change in your family dynamic while helping both yourself and your struggling child on the path to healing.

This is for moms who want to understand what’s really going on with their adult son or daughter. Moms who know their kids are struggling, but need to know why.

You do so many things to help your loved one… and yet nothing seems to work. Often, your loving attempts to help them actually make them angry with you.

They misinterpret everything through the distorted lens of addiction.

The things you do to help go unnoticed, are not appreciated or are unwelcome.

This happens because addiction changes the way the brain works.

Your “child” cannot think and reason in the same way that you and I can.

The decision-making part of their brain gets flipped around and the need to get their next “fix”… requires them to do whatever it takes to plan for, acquire and use it.

It doesn’t matter whether the addiction is to alcohol or drugs, gambling, food, sex, etc.

We think we’re helping, but we’re actually hurting.

These “misinterpretations” inside their brain cause them to see you as an obstacle. A barrier to getting what they want.

You become the enemy.

Which leads to constant arguments, fights and battles. Then to resentment, blame and shame.

An ever-expanding gulf between you and the beautiful child you raised and nurtured.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that you can learn how the disease works. Learn how to interact with it in a new way.

Once you understand addiction, how it works, you can stop doing things that inflame it… and instead do things that soothe and calm it.

  • Dive deep into an understanding about how mind diseases work.
  • Learn how you can adjust your behavior to fight against the disease.
  • Create positive change for your family.

Now that you’re ready to actually do something that helps them (while also helping yourself)...

Clinicians, Therapists and other Licensed Professionals

Your participation in our coached program(s) may qualify for CE credits; these requirements vary by state/region so please contact your governing body for their requirements. We are happy to provide a letter of participation to support you, if needed. Additionally, your investment may be a business expense for tax purposes.