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Every woman gets to choose the direction of her own life, and you are no different.

We stand strongly for your right to choose your own experience: what you want in your life…. and what you may want to remove.

We will never tell you what you should do.

Instead, we’ll help you see (and evaluate) the different choices available to you, including some you may not have considered, so you can choose what’s best for you.

To help, we’ve put together a list of the different programs and products we offer, so you can pick the one that most suits your needs right now.

Programs We Offer

  • Transformative Communications™
  • Liberate Your Life™
  • The Transformative Boundaries Experience™
  • 10 Communication Strategies™
  • 3 Common Challenges Women Face in the Second Half of Their Lives™

Transformative Communications™

Transformative Communications is a program designed for women suffering from disruptive behavior of others, helping them feel heard and taken seriously. Whether it's a spouse, child, coworker, or neighbor causing conflict, this program teaches peaceful ways to reduce conflict and assert oneself without feeling like "the bad guy."

For women who are suffering from the disruptive behavior of someone else and who so often end up feeling like they’re being ignored or not taken seriously.

It could be a spouse, a child, a sibling, parent, neighbor or co-worker, and the conflict it causes can be overwhelming.

Do they expect you to give in to their every demand without thinking of the consequences? Do you feel like "the bad guy" whenever you try to assert yourself?

And no matter what you do, somehow you end up being “the bad guy” whenever you try to protect or assert yourself.

Ultimately it doesn't matter why they behave the way they do.

What matters most is knowing how to peacefully reduce the conflict.

That’s what you’ll do in Transformative Communications.

You’ll learn to say what you need to say and get what you need without triggering them, “setting them off” or leaving you feeling like “The Bad Guy”.

We do that using the U.P.R. Protocol to frame all of our communication. What we choose to say. What we choose not to say.

Liberate Your Life™

Liberate Your Life is a transformative program designed specifically for women who are ready to regain control over the habits that have shaped their lives. By making conscious decisions and breaking free from unhelpful patterns, you'll experience true peace and fulfillment, regardless of the circumstances around you.

For women who are ready to take back control of the habits that have shaped your life. Make conscious decisions and break free from patterns that don't serve you.

Achieve the true peace & fulfillment you deserve, no matter the circumstances of those around you.

Here you are, in the second half of your life. And you're ready to regain control over the habits that have been shaping your life.

You want to make conscious choices and break away from unhelpful patterns, so that you can truly find peace and fulfillment, regardless of your situation or the people around you.

In Liberate Your Life, you'll embark on a journey through your past and present, uncovering the roots of your habits and patterns.

Think of it like a personal detective story, where you're piecing together the puzzles of your own life. But the best part is that you'll also learn a powerful process to change the habits you want to change, step by step.

So, whether it's about improving your relationships, gaining more confidence, or finding your passion, Liberate Your Life will help you create the life you've always wanted.

The Transformative Boundaries Experience™

The Transformative Boundaries Experience is specifically designed for women who struggle to establish and maintain healthy boundaries in their relationships. Whether dealing with demanding coworkers or pushy family members, this program empowers you to confidently say no and set limits. With the guidance of our Graduate Coaches, you can embark on a journey to develop stronger and healthier boundaries.

For women who struggle to set and maintain healthy boundaries with the people in your life.

If that’s you, you're not alone - many women find it difficult to establish and uphold kind, firm boundaries, often confusing them with requests, wishes, or fantasies. That's where The Transformative Boundaries Experience comes in.

Originally designed to assist our students dealing with addiction or mental health challenges in their adult children, we've discovered that this process is beneficial for all aspects of life.

Imagine finally being able to say no to a demanding coworker or confidently setting limits with a pushy family member. The Transformative Boundaries Experience can help you achieve that.

If you're curious about whether this program is the right fit for you, our Lead Graduate Coach Patti is here to help. She's more than happy to discuss the program with you and answer any questions you may have.

To book a call with Patti, simply click the button below. We're excited to help you on your journey to stronger, healthier boundaries.

10 Communication Strategies™

The Communication Mastery Program is designed specifically for women who are ready to transform their communication skills and inspire positive change in their loved ones. By implementing the 10 effective communication strategies provided in the program, you'll experience stronger and longer-lasting relationships filled with peace, harmony, and enjoyment.

For women ready to take the first steps to communicate differently, so they can start to cut through the chaos and conflict and begin to inspire positive behavioral change in a loved one.

Communication is the lifeblood that keeps our cherished relationships alive!

I firmly believe that most of the world’s problems wouldn’t exist if we just understood and respected each other.

Once you have the 10 strategies to communicate effectively…

You’ll discover that your relationships are stronger, last longer, and that you can enjoy each other's company.

Which creates peace and harmony in your household, workplace, or any environment!

I’ve distilled the most important concepts I’ve discovered in my search for clear communication into 10 easy to remember strategies so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did nor suffer the same heartache.

3 Common Challenges Women Face in the Second Half of Their Lives™

Discover effective solutions to the top challenges faced by women in the second half of their lives, empowering you to prioritize yourself without losing your compassionate nature.

You know the struggle — constantly prioritizing others, working tirelessly to keep everyone else satisfied, and feeling like we're running on fumes.

For many of us women in the second half of our lives, these problems have become deeply rooted and seem almost impossible to overcome.

We’ve identified the top 3 challenges women face in the second half of their lives… and explore how we can address them without losing our compassionate nature.

Ready to Get Started? Download our free guide, The 3 Common Challenges Women Face in the Second Half of Their Lives (And How to Overcome Them).