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I want to take a hard line and not enable my son/daughter and my husband isn’t on board. How do I change anything?

There are many lessons you’ll learn during the course of parenting an adult child who is struggling with addiction. At the top of that list is understanding that there’s nothing you can do to control anyone around you. While this certainly applies first and foremost to your child, remember that addiction is a family disease. This rule of thumb can apply to anyone in your life — including your spouse.

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Setting boundaries with your addicted child that strengthen (not damage) the relationship

Take a minute to think about fences. Many times these fences are created for protection; they keep pets from running away, guard your home and possessions from damage or theft, or stop unwanted visitors from entering your property.

They’re clearly visible, and those who cross these boundaries do so knowing there may be consequences — but you can unlock the gate to let in those who you trust to respect your space when you’re ready.

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