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Are you struggling to overcome the fear of change?

For however long and by what methods you’ve been using to interact with your child about their addiction, it’s just not getting them to really change.

They’re still choosing addiction over recovery, and you’re still feeling powerless to help. You and your child (and likely your entire family) have developed a certain way of “dealing” with these situations, and you’re not sure if or how you should change that approach. You’re afraid.

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How to maintain your power when your child is struggling with addiction

“Where did my life go?”
“Why do I feel so powerless?”
“What can I do to get back the relationships and life that I lost?”

It starts with the signs: Your child is using drugs or alcohol and could be addicted, and you know it. They no longer look or act like the child you raised….

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Why even the most dedicated moms need help when their child is addicted

Mothers are the superheroes without capes, the fixers, the glue that holds the whole family together. We’re supposed to do it all and know it all, without much (or any!) help from anyone else. We’re told this is intuitive and natural, and most of the time that’s all true — but sometimes we DO need […]

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When My Son First Became Addicted

When I ask parents to tell me what their lives were like before addiction entered their worlds, many can’t tell me. They struggle to remember. Many just can’t even remember what their own life looked like back then.

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Parenting Adult Children with Addictions

​Addiction Survey Results, Analysis, and Actual Action Steps for Parents.

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What Nobody Tells You About Loving an Addict

Is your child struggling with addiction? You’re probably desperately searching for answers. You’ve heard it all before — but the advice you’ve been given doesn’t seem to work.

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